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Welcome to The 2014 Reader's Choice

How to get started.

Step 1 – Getting an account
You’ll need to set yourself up with a FREE account by clicking on the “Register” option in the navigation.  Fill out and submit the registration form.  You’ll be sent an email to authenticate your account. After you have authenticated your account you can log in and start the nomination or voting process.

Step 2 – The nomination process

Verify the person or business has been nominated by using the search features.  If the person or business is not listed you can click on the “Nominate Business” option in the top navigation.  You can nominate as many people and/or businesses you like and it’s totally free.

**Please allow 24 hours for us to verify nominations. Nominations are not counted as votes.  You will need to vote on nominees to help them win.**

Step 3 – The voting process
If you have not registered; please see Step 1. If you have registered already, simply select "Log In"
To vote, log in and all you need to do is click on the “Vote” option in the navigation.
Select vote, then click on any of the check boxes of a parent heading (you may select all if you want) and then select "Next" and then proceed to vote on one of the choices within each category.  The system will keep track of each vote and once you are finished with voting for as many entries in one session then click submit votes.

The Mineral Wells Index  reserves the right to disqualify individual votes, voters or categories if votes are determined to be fraudulent.